LET’S GET ON TRACK!| How to be productive: Highly efficient tricks to become a diligent scholar|Student Edition

It was a bright quarantined morning. I had just arisen from a nice deep sleep. The sunshine seemed to fill me with enthusiasm. The feeling of morale was overflowing in my veins. My blood was boiling out of the sentiment to work hard. My spirits were literally so high! I promised myself that I would really make efforts that day.

Now, what happened next must be crystal clear to you, right?

Surprise.. Surprise.. Here comes a twist! Actually, I didn’t accomplish a single task on that day. I just watched Netflix, chilled and totally wasted my time.

Sounds quite interesting, right?

After this confrontation, your reaction maybe something like this: “What?!”, “Why?!”, ” How?!”, “Unbelievable!”

Let me strangle your curiosity and explain the reason behind this incident. It’s true that I was super motivated and sincerely wanted to give output but still I wasn’t determined enough to be productive. Being motivated isn’t everything. To achieve something for real, you need to have an inflexible desire towards it!

In these off days, it is very likely for us to dawdle, get drawn away and take things lightly. It’s just because we are not under the supervision of our instructors anymore. Whether it be a teacher for students, the boss for office workers etc.

Then, what do we do? What should be done to get cracking once again?

Hey! Lovely folks. Why fear when I am here!

Here are 10 ways to help you be productive and work hard even in lockdown!

Let’s explore👉🏼


Here, I am not telling you to go gymming for 4-5 hours or meditate in the Himalayas! It’s not like that at all.

This particular workout refers to 5-minute meditation, little yoga, quick jogging and some light exercises.

It can seem least related to productivity but in reality, it is the other way around. Working out really helps in improving our concentration, focus and performance.


If you are one of those who can’t keep up with the commitment thing then this is a gift for you from heaven!

‘Trick your brain’ is constituted by two distinct words that are consequence and reward.

Let me explain this to you:

• Set some consequences for not abiding by the designated tasks. For example, if you had to finish some work by 4 p.m. but you did not, then you will punish yourself for that.

• Set some reward for achieving the selected objective.

With this, you can easily level up your productivity and go one step ahead to becoming a diligent scholar.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

When we have to deal with huge tasks, it’s difficult to do so because they seem too much to deal with but if you break down the bigger tasks into bite-sized efforts and list them in your diary every day then it will help you prioritise and avoid procrastination.

For instance, if you need to grasp a chapter by Wednesday then Monday: completing topics 1 and 2, Tuesday: finalizing topics 3 and 4, Wednesday: revising the entire chapter as a whole and done! You did it!

In case, you are solely clueless and don’t know where to start and how then making a time table will help you a lot in getting started. Create a comprehensive timetable and uphold it with full passion. ‘Trick your brain’ rule will benefit you in this.


We are programmed to take up easy chores first and then move on to tougher ones. We believe starting with easy will help us to regulate productive skills and we will be able to do the hitch stuff later.

But this process may not be as helpful as you think. Tackling the toughest and least enjoyable tasks will make your day so much easier (however painful it might seem at first). Once you get that initial optical out of the way, you will be so much more pumped to whizz through the rest of your less painful jobs.


During this lockdown, we are exposed to screens a lot if it is a laptop or phone. It is not a good thing after all. We are all aware that it’s really harmful to our eyes as well as health.

Consequently, breaking free from the screen is a must these days. By ‘break’ I mean really break pull yourself away from that ray emitting screen of your gadget and do something simply unrelated for a few minutes.

For reference, go for a walk, have a cup of tea/coffee, chat with someone- face to face, of course, doing some meditation would do good too.

Taking breaks like these will help you stay happy and healthy, and avoid burning out.


When your project is asking for attention, just give in.


Disable push notifications for things like FB, insta and WhatsApp etc. Trust me, this will do gapes for your engagement with your work!

Every time you get a message and look at your phone you are pulled out of the zone and it takes time to get back to it. Think of all the time wasted when you’re checking your phone every few minutes.

Hence, we must always recall the intense rivalry between social media and probes.


Just imagine: TRYING to study in bed, tucked up in a blanket, air conditioner on and some nice music ringing in your ears. Being all cosy and enjoying all statuses of comfort.

Sounds so great, right?

Well, it’s not.

Reflect, you are freaking there for studying, for achieving not for dozing off!

Get up! Let’s go and find your quiet zone. A place where you can precisely study.

Your study corner should satisfy the requirements listed below:

  • It should be peaceful.
  • It needs to be well lit (dark space is prohibited).
  • Far away from distractions.
  • A chair and a table are the basics and want to be there.

That’s it. It’s not a big deal to find a place like this, is it?


This specific time management method asks you to alternate pomodoros- focused work sessions- with frequent short breaks to promote sustained concentration and stave off mental fatigue.

The idea behind the technique is that the timer instils a sense of urgency. Rather than feeling like to have endless time in the workday to get things done and then ultimately squandering those precious work hours on distractions, you know you only have 25 minutes to make as much progress on a task as possible.

For me, the pomodoro technique has done marvels! I have faith that it will go nicely with you too.


It comes off quite fancy, isn’t it? It’s just ‘nap time’ though.

But this is not your regular snooze it’s called ‘power nap’. Siesta or power nap is a Japanese theory that states- a 20 minutes nap in the afternoon rejuvenate 6 hours of quality sleep!

It is practised in Japan itself for better productivity. Siesta is really a magic spell for students!

Bright tip: Never sacrifice your sleep. It is necessary to sleep for 7-8 hours every night.


💡 While reviewing X put Y, Z out of sight.

In other words, suppose, when you are studying physics set all other subject books off the desk and only physics related stuff should be on your study space. This way your focus will not get tormented and you will be more promising.

💡Straight back = Enhanced alertness

💡In the morning, don’t skip to get some fresh air. It is a must for it soothes our eyes and rewires our brain.

💡No soft sitting i.e., no probing on neither bed nor sofa. Sit on a chair while studying. This can grade up your performance drastically!

💡Plenty of water is directly proportional to plenty of work done. We must keep our body hydrated for our brain cells to be active and enzymes to work at their best.

Bright tip: Almonds and peanuts help in regulating your specialty and memory skills.

Note: The content of this blog has been collected and concluded from very fine and trusted sources and is reliable.

Truth go to be told, the ways listed above in this blog are just for your support and don’t guarantee 100% productivity, actually nothing can guarantee that except for your inner devotion. No matter when you are lacking, always remembers the purpose why you want to achieve something. Think about the happiness, satisfaction and prosperity that you will witness after achieving your goal.

Think about it whenever you need endless motivation, think about it whenever you need firm determination, think about it every time because that is what will keep you yearning for that 100% of productivity!

I hope that you found this blog worthwhile. Also, I am having a wonderful time blogging! It has made me confident and holds me involved so, I don’t have those random thoughts that make me upset anymore.

I wish that you all are doing great as well.

For now, let’s part but we will come together again on my blog spot and explore something new.


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